Natural High Shines the Light on Rising Drug & Alcohol Usage Amongst Teens

Natural High just released a new national Public Service Announcement to help bring to light a growing problem affecting teens across the U.S. – the rise in drug and alcohol consumption. While teenage drug and alcohol usage is not a new phenomenon, the high number of new users – not even including repeat users – demonstrate the need for a new light to be shed on this growing problem.

Research show that as summer ramps up, drug and alcohol usage also rises, but the start of school does not mean the end of these bad habits. As summer draws to a close, an estimated:

  • 940,400 teens will have tried alcohol for the first time
  • 155,000 teens will have tried marijuana for the first time in June
  • 28,800 teens will have tried cocaine for the first time in July
  • 125,800 teens will use prescription drugs non-medically for the first time in August

These statistics only reflect first time teenage users living in the U.S. Additionally, research found that underage drinkers are 24% more likely to use illicit drugs after drinking than those over 21.

To combat these statistics and help generate awareness as kids are going back to school, Emmy-winning television host and actor Mario Lopez hosts Natural High’s newest public service announcement, encouraging viewers take part in this national movement to empower our youth to embrace their natural high.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Mario Lopez share Natural High’s message,” said Pilar Montoya, Executive Director of Natural High. “Having a strong advocate like Mario Lopez support our program helps us gain the momentum we need to really inspire and empower our youth to actively seek their Natural High and develop the skills and courage to live well.”

Natural High is a national non-profit drug prevention organization that provides science-based programs and curriculum. Natural High reaches more than 28,000 educators and has inspired more than eight million youth, helping to put them on the path of success, tapping into their natural high and staying away from drugs.

With the new school year now underway, helping our youth find and stay on the right path – the path that will enable them to succeed – is more important than ever.

Click here to view and download the Public Service Announcement.

For more information on Natural High and its programs, visit www.naturalhigh.org.

About Natural High
Natural High is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization inspiring youth to discover, amplify and pursue their natural high so they have a reason to say no to an artificial high. Natural High partners with drug-free celebrity role models who share their stories about growing up and the choices they made to achieve their dreams. Today, Natural High’s programs reach more than 28,000 educators across the country, inspiring eight million youth in all 50 states to say yes to life, and no to drugs and alcohol. For more information, visit www.naturalhigh.org.

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