Talking Cannabis with your Teen

Cannabis in Canada

The rate of cannabis use is two times higher among Canadian youth aged 15 – 24 than it is among adults. 1

  • Canadian youth have one of the highest rates of cannabis use worldwide. In 2016, the World Health Organization compared past-30-day cannabis use among youth aged 15 across 40 countries and found that use by Canadian youth (13%) was the second highest.2
  • One in 5 teens aged between 15 and 19 have used cannabis in the past year.3
  • In Ontario, cannabis use increases with high school grade level to a high of 37.2% among 12th grade students. 4 (Reported High School use of marijuana: Gr.9 – 10.3%, Gr.10 – 25.2%, Gr.11 – 35.1%, Gr.12 – 37.2%)
  • Cannabis use is still more prevalent among males than females, although the rate of use among females is on the rise. 5

Cannabis Talk Kit

Learn how to talk with your teen about cannabis. Download the kit here.

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