Wayfare Nursing Seeks to Make Cannabis Less Confusing for Seniors

Seniors looking to access medical cannabis face a complicated and potentially dangerous journey. So much to consider. THC? CBD? When to take it? How much to take? Can I just go into one of the retail stores? Why do I need to do this through a doctor? How will cannabis interact with the other prescription drugs I am on?

Seniors are the largest growing population looking to access medical cannabis for their ailments whether pain, anxiety, sleep or other conditions.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (Drug Use Among Seniors in Canada, 2016 CIHI May 17, 2018) almost 60% of seniors are taking 5 or more medications and over 20% are taking more than 10.

Wayfare Nursing in Alberta is aiming to help those seniors make proper medical decisions when it comes to cannabis. Wayfare Nursing is a mobile nursing company that provides professional and specially trained cannabis education nurses to meet seniors in their own home. Their goal is to help seniors and veterans find relief of their symptoms in the fastest time possible while providing cannabis education support, assistance in paperwork and ordering.

Wayfare Nursing Vice President, Cindy Owen RN, is available to speak about the challenges facing seniors, veterans and the medical community when it comes to the complexities of medical cannabis. Please visit our website as well at wayfarenursing.com

Is cannabis right for me? How will it interact with my current medications? Which strain of cannabis is right for my needs? When do I take it and how much do I take? How do I order it? How will this react to my other medications? Is it safe for me? What about the paperwork? What if I have ongoing questions? What are the limitations of current medical support? What is the difference between medical and recreational use and products?

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